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Saving Money with Cost Per Day Management

WYO Livestock Feeds is designed as a feed distributor of quality horse, sheep and cattle feed supplements and mineral, hay, cake and other forage, pastures for lease and more at the very best prices in the state of Wyoming. 

Lets face it… Feed costs are one of our biggest expenses as ranchers. With today’s technology and still all-natural ingredients, we can help you save money on your feed costs and produce a healthier, more productive cattle, horse or sheep herd. 

We can help you look at your cost per day and figure out a way and budget that is better for both, your wallet and your critters. It isn’t about the cost of the product anymore… It’s about the cost per day and what results you receive from proper feeding. Bottom line is… We want to provide the very best prices available with livestock feeds that actually pan out with cost her head per day!

As a brand new business of 2018, our team is eager and ready to help you with 24 hour customer service.  That’s right, we are open 24 hours a day, providing one of the most unique customer services in the business! Call today to get prices or become a member for on-line pricing. 

Our wholesale/retail warehouse is now open for business. Please call or text for an appointment. We load anytime. 

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"Low cost per day, BIG Results!"

 OLS products contain the highest consistency of vitamins, ZINPRO Performance Pack, ZINPRO zinc methionine,  AMAFERM and Lacto-Mos.

This is simply the best tub line available today. OLS Products have more in them so your herd gets more out of them.  We use chelated copper, chelated zinc, lomate and zinc methionine.

We can incorporate any of our additives in all our OLS Products.

With our process, we go above and beyond to prepare the most consistent crystallized molasses base cooked for each season.  You can control the consumption, therefore, controlling your cost.

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Hay for Sale in Wyoming

Find Hay for sale in Wyoming with our free online hay directory!  As a customer service, we manage a free online hay directory for goods sold in the state of Wyoming completely free to our users!  

We provide first-hand contact information so you call the producer yourself to make arrangements.  

The Hay for Sale page are classified "For Sale by Owner" advertisements and WYO Livestock Feeds does not guarantee quality from private sales.

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• Cost Per Day Management 

• Long shelf Life 

• Increase Saliva Production 

• Increase Water Consumption 

• Increase pH Balance 

• Boost the Immune System 

• Increase Digestibility 

• Faster Gains 

• Better Production 

• Minimize Doctoring and Stress 

• Prevent Scours and Sickness 

• Better Calving Ease 

• Better Conception Rates 

• Minimize Feed Costs 

• Better Pasture Utilization

 • Safe For horses 

• Make More Money! 

• Have Extra Time!

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Alternative Feeds at the BEST PRICES

Distributing cattle, horse, sheep and goat feed in Wyoming.    Wholesale, Retail and Bulk Orders!  


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OLS Tubs - All Natural Livestock Supplements

OLS Tubs are super concentrated, jam packed with nutrients so you have less consumption, and lower cost per head per day while getting the best supplements on the market.  

Includes all-natural protein, Amaferm, Lacto-Mos, Bio-Mos, chelated trace minerals and more!





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TNT Lick Tubs - Basic to Advanced Nutrition

Cattle, horse, sheep and goat lick tubs with vitamins, minerals, probiotics, prebiotics, yeast extract, DE, and much more!  Stay up-to-date on our livestock feeds sales!

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